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46101101_3.jpg Worklight Dual-Use
Rechargeable (1200 mAh) compact dual-use professional worklight in a splash proof aluminum...
Content 1 St
€12.00 *
46101123.jpg Vitoset LED multifunction lamp
Bright, handy and compact Uniform illumination of the entire working area thanks to 12...
Content 1 St
€36.00 *
46101132_2.jpg Water Pump Plier 2 Fa. Rothenberger
With the ROGRIP F7 water pump pliers from Rothenberger, a wide variety of pipe types up to Ø...
Content 1 St
€21.00 *
46100973.jpg Water Pump Plier Fa. Rothenberger
With the ROGRIP M water pump pliers you can hold and turn a wide variety of pipe types up to a...
Content 1 St
€19.00 *
46100974.jpg Pipe Cutter Fa. Rothenberger
With the ROCUT 42 Twin Cut you can make clean and straight cuts faster and with even less effort...
Content 1 St
€78.00 *
46101090_1.jpg Richartz Tool best friends "professional tool"
Two products that are always and everywhere useful: GRIP tool, the large, precise multifunctional...
Content 1 St
€32.00 *